About Us

Code Tenderloin works with individuals left out of San Francisco’s economic gains to prepare, stabilize, and teach them job readiness and life skills for entering the workforce giving members of our community radical opportunities. Our goal is to increase employment rates for men and women of color, formerly incarcerated or homeless individuals, and to provide them with support needed to get them employed – and ultimately into a meaningful career. Founded by longtime Tenderloin resident Del Seymour in 2015, Code Tenderloin works specifically with populations that have had challenges or barriers to accessing good paying jobs.


Our Mission

Providing empowerment, dignity, and opportunity by removing barriers on your road to employment.



Take a walk through the Tenderloin and you will see two very different worlds. There is the world in which the various technology companies and their thousands of employees foster an innovative culture and the promise of endless financial opportunities. Then there’s the other world. A world of poverty, homelessness, drug abuse, hopelessness, and desolation. Most people are afraid of this world and avoid it at all cost. They find it easier to ignore it’s overwhelming problems than attempt to help address and resolve those problems.

As more tech companies move into this area, the disparity between these worlds grows.



Code Tenderloin began in 2015 by Deleano Seymour, a long-time Tenderloin resident,  who founded the Tenderloin Walking Tours. After five years and hundreds of walking tours around his beloved neighborhood, he was compelled to address the injustice he saw among its disenfranchised residents. Code Tenderloin is a community-based project whose mission is to remove barriers that keep people from securing long term employment, such as finances, legal, soft skills, technical skills, childcare, transportation and education. Code Tenderloin believes that a history with difficult issues including substance abuse, mental health, education level,

Homelessness or prior incarceration does not disqualify you from securing work.



Come take a tour of San Francisco’s Tenderloin District and learn about it’s rich history!

Get immersed in the Tenderloin Mid Market area. See the cultural differences.-- see what living in this community is really about. Learn about the Tenderloin, it’s positive and rich history, and the barriers and obstacles that people experience in this area.

Book a  tour for your group or organization today!


Our Values

  • All people are valuable and worthy.
  • Your past does not define you unless you allow it to.
  • We meet program partners where they’re at.
  • Failure is an opportunity to learn something new.
  • Growth comes in our challenges
  • Every step in a positive direction is a success.
  • Teamwork makes your dreams work.
  • Comfort is in similarities, but strength and power is in our diversity!

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