Meet our Students




"Before coming to Code Tenderloin, I was without a job. I was lost with no sense of direction and lacked self confidence. Since completing Code Tenderloin, I'm now volunteering with Code Tenderloin and pursuing a degree in Computer Science."

Charles Duong, , July 2017 Cohort

When Erica Moseley came to Code Tenderloin in July 2017  she and her husband and daughter were living in their car. Since then she has been accepted into a coding bootcamp program (Techtonika) and she now works for Catholic Charities. Her family is now housed as well.                                                       

 “Code Tenderloin / Code Ramp- A program who believes in others. This program has really taught me the fundamentals of learning the tech environment as well as code development. The experience lead me to a boot camp. I can truly say that Code Ramp is the beginning to my future.”

Erica Moseley, July 2017 cohort

Annette Crespo is a single mother who has raised 5 children. She had done many different jobs before Code Tenderloin - bartending, sales, office receptionist and administrator. She was not working when she came to us. She wanted to get a full-time job with room for advancement. She said at graduation that she had never had a diploma or certificate - ours was the first! She was hired by Checkr as an Applicant Support Intern - a full-time position with benefits.


"The things I’ve learned and the confidence that I got from this program has changed my life. I've never completed anything in my life before but I did complete this course! Thank you Code Tenderloin for giving me my confidence back!"

Annette Crespo, July 2017 Cohort


Shelley Winner has a history with substance abuse and was released from Federal Prison in July 2016. She took Code Tenderloin in November 2016. As a result of her participation in Code Tenderloin she was hired at Microsoft as a Product Service Adviso with Microsoft in March 2017.  She was named MVP within 2 months of her hire date and received her first promotion within her first year. She is now a full-time employee with full benefits, including education reimbursement. Understanding how important it is to share her story to help those that follow her, Shelley has spoken at many Human Resource professional events to speak about the value hiring a person coming home from prison can add to an organization.

“Code Tenderloin helped equip me with the skills to land a job in tech which changed my life by giving me a career instead of just a job.  I am forever grateful for Code Tenderloin.”    

Shelley Winner, November 2016 cohort