Code Tenderloin in the News


Checkered past is no barrier to Checkr job

"Crespo, who started her three-month internship in mid-August, was one of the first interns the startup hired with the help of Code Tenderloin a nonprofit that helps people find employment by teaching what the organization calls “job readiness,” or skills like interviewing, public speaking, dependability and resume building."


Homeless to $115K salary: Tech worker who lived in SF shelter creates app for homeless, lands job

"Preston Phan left Seattle, and with $250 remaining in his bank account, flew to San Francisco for an employment program he had researched called Code Tenderloin, which promised connections and interviews with tech companies like Twitter, LinkedIn and Github."


If Tech Really Wants to Help the Homeless, It Should Hire Them

"To bridge the divide between San Francisco's wealthy tech workers and their impoverished neighbors, organizations like Code Tenderloin are trying to get disadvantaged people into tech companies. They teach skills like coding and help students craft resumes, but even with all these new skills the greatest challenge facing Code Tenderloin graduates is convincing a company to take a chance on them."