Job Readiness Program

By improving self-perception and demystifying the modern workplace, we’re changing lives for the better. We prepare, nurture, and give each program partner the confidence to enter the workforce for long-term employment.

4 weeks, 12 hours/week Monday - Wednesday 8am - 12:00pm.


Gain a professional and personal vision for success

We want to change the way you see yourself and the workforce for the better.

Learn how to set goals for the future

At Code Tenderloin, we like to look forward. You’ll learn how to set goals and achieve a timeline of success toward that dream job.

Build a resume and a professional presence on paper and online

The workforce has changed and so has job seeking. We give participants the tools and guidance to craft a resume based on their own experiences and apply that same information to their LinkedIn profile.

Get in touch with the conduct, attitude, and etiquette of a workplace

Whether it’s interacting with a co-worker, resolving a conflict, or just day-to-day behavior, we instruct participants on best practices for presenting yourself professionally.


Next Course

May 6th - May 29th
Campus: LinkedIn
Monday - Wednesday
8AM to 12PM
LinkedIn, InCommon Room
222 2nd Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
LinkedIn, InCommon Room


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