Annette Crespo


Annette Crespo is a single mother who raised 5 children. She had done many different jobs - bartending, sales, office receptionist and administrator. She was not working when she came to us. She wanted to get a full-time job with room for advancement. She said at graduation that she had never had a diploma or certificate - ours was the first! She was hired by Checkr asan Applicant Support Intern - A full-time position with benefits.                                                                   

“I attended Code Tenderloin in July and my experience was amazing. The things I’ve learned and the confidence that I got from this program has changed my life. I've never completed anything in my life before but I did complete this course! Going to all the different tech companies was an experience in it self. Before graduating from CDL I got a interview for a internship with Checkr and I found out that I got the job on my graduation day, I am still with Checkr! Thank you Code Tenderloin for giving me my confidence back!”
Diana Rodriguez