We Remove Barriers

that keep people from securing long term employment, such as: finances, legal, soft skills, childcare, transportation, and education. 



We cover transportation costs including public transportation and ride shares to get to jobs and interviews. 

Criminal Record

Enrollment in Public Defender's Clean Slate Program that reduces and expunges criminal records. 

Job Readiness

We prepare participants to succeed in the workplace with a unique curriculum that covers technical skills, soft skills, interview prep, resume creation, 1-on-1 mentorship and off-sites led by some of the best tech companies in the Bay Area.  


We connect local businesses and major tech companies and non-profits with the right candidates for long-term job placement. 


Previous history with difficult issues including substance abuse, mental health, education level, personal finances or criminal record does not disqualify you from securing work. 


Collective Impact

We collaborate across different sectors to  achieve system-level change.  


Through partnership with other organizations, we create combined social, financial, legal, and emotional support. With this holistic approach, we uplift our clients and in turn their families and communities. 

Partnering with other organizations to ensure our clients are housed, clothed and fed is essential to put them in the best position to work with us to secure long-term employment. 


Our Courses

1. Job Readiness + Interview Course
2. Code Ramp 


We currently offer two programs that incorporate both soft and hard skills training. Our goal is for our students to gain and retain permanent jobs with strong growth prospects. All classes are 100% free -- run by volunteers.